Pawn Shop

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Never know what you could find at a Pawn shop.

Fox 4 TV in Dallas reported a story that rapper The D.O.C.’s five missing platinum albums plaques were found at a local pawn shop.

Taylor Peckwood, a worker from that pawn shop, said five years ago a man sold the pawn shop the albums bearing D.O.C.’s initials, claiming they were legitimate platinum records. The pawn shop never intended on selling the records and until last month. They were kept in a closet. Once the pawn shop remodeled, the records were hung on a wall for display.

Weeks later, an N.W.A fan visited the store and posted a photo of the plaques on the Internet. He also reached out via Twitter to The D.O.C., who worked with N.W.A, to express how disappointed he was that the records were on display at a pawn shop instead of with their rightful owner. The owner of the pawn shop says he received a phone message from The D.O.C. asking for his plaques back.

The West Dallas-born rapper explained that the plaques really mean a lot to him.

The pawn shop has returned the albums. The D.O.C. thanked those involved via Twitter for helping him reunite with his albums.


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