Teyana Taylor Reveals What Went Through Her Mind When Her Wig Fell Off Mid-Concert [EXCLUSIVE]


At our sold out Break The Internet concert, Teyana Taylor finally revealed what possessed her to snatch off her wig in-concert!

Speaking on the incident for the first time she says, “Yo, you see I caught it so quick. You gotta remember I had my baby on the bathroom floor without notice so I think, maybe my momma mode kicked in. It was just … the show must go on! That wig came off and I said, “Baby, you gon’ be a prop today!”

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She continued, “At the end of the show, I ask everybody to put their lights up. I tried to go on Instagram because I do an IG Story every night. I got on my phone and soon as I opened my phone, I see the Shade Room and me throwing my wig around like this. I said ‘Shade Room don’t waste no time! It was like a movie!”

The Harlem singer also revealed what she looks up when she’s on Google (hint, she’s really into science) and what’s the first thing she hid from her parents.

“My first tattoo,” she says. “Mind you, I was old enough to get a tattoo but because I didn’t have any tattoos. So my first tattoo was somewhere on my butt and it’s a friendship tattoo. Me and my friends all got gummy bears. It was really something that was stupid and I didn’t have to hide. Like, how do you show mom, “Hey Mom, I got gummy bears on my butt!”

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