Today Marks 2 Years that we lost Chris Kelly AkA “Mack Daddy” best known for making up one half of the rap duo Kris Kross, who had a No. 1 hit with their 1992 song “Jump” And Infamous for wearing their clothes backwards. These guys hit the scene and were a part of what blew up Atlanta rap music and mainstream Hip Hop. 


Source: Michel Linssen / Getty

In 1990, producer Jermaine Dupri discovered Chris ‘Mack Daddy’ Kelly and his friend, Chris Smith, in Atlanta’s Greenbriar Mall. Although Dupri was still a teenager himself, he saw they had a following in the mall, something about the young duo made him wanted to work with them. According to Dupri , He asked both boys if the were a group or rapped , They replied with No, we don’t do anything. Dupri could see stardom in these guys and began working on the demo. 
The song ‘Jump’ was huge, went double platinum and hit No.1 for 8 weeks straight! The whole country was jumping and wearing their jeans, pullovers, shirts backwards.. If shoes could’ve been worn backwards, we would’ve did that too! 
These guys were young and had style, looks, attitude and skills, & along with the work of Jermaine Dupri, it was 
the whole package. They released another single ‘Warm it up Kriss’ off their ‘Totally Krossed out’ album. It reached mulit-plantinum status. The duo even got to tour with Michael jackson. The Rap group did try some years later to release another project but couldn’t touch the success of their debut album. 
The group separated but Kelly continued with behind the scenes studio work and even reunited with friend Chris Smith , Jermaine Dupri and the rest of the So So Def Records artists, for a February 2013 20th Anniversary party.  
On May 1st 2013, an unresponsive Chris Kelly was discovered in his Atlanta home. Kelly was taken to an Atlanta hospital where he was pronounced dead that afternoon. He was 34 yrs old. The cause of death was suspected to be a drug overdose. 
In writing this i saw many interviews and videos, Its gotten me very emotional because this was a group i grew up listening to, a group i watched grow up from boys into men. Listening to Dupri and Smith speak of him like a son and brother brought tears to my eyes.
Its been 2years today since we lost Chris Kelly but the music continues to get anyone who listens to it energized and pumped. It brings us all back to a time of fun and happiness.
Today Boom 92 remembers Chris “Mack Daddy” Kelly of Kriss Kross. May you Rest In Paradise. 
– Jessica Boom Juice Crew