Haunted Car Wash

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience a Haunted House and get your car washed?  Well that’s exactly what the GFY Express Car Wash in Spring TX has done.

Two weekends ago, I got to experience the Haunted Car Wash with my family.  At first glance, it’s like your ordinary drive thru car wash.  However, as you approach the entrance, several familiar Halloween characters ranging from Michael Myers from Halloween, Jason from Friday the 13th, and Pennywise The Killer Clown from the movie IT can be seen.  As you enter the car wash at your own risk, several characters join in.


Last year was the first year they tried it for two weekends. This year they expanded it to the entire month of October.


It doesn’t cost any extra to enter the car wash but get there early because the lines are ridiculously long.


Now that local and national news has picked up on it, I’m pretty sure the lines are going to be even crazier.

For more info go to their website at www.gfycarwash.com

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