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Bite Size Snickers

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Halloween is over, but the mountain of leftover candy is staring you in the face. You don’t want to just throw it away because what if you want a fun sized piece or two tomorrow? Or next week? Here are fun, creative idea on how to use it.

  1. Bake it into a cake – this is perfect for chocolate lovers! Imagine how much better a chocolate cake would taste with peanut butter cups or Snickers backed inside. Mmmmm!
  2. DIY Trail Mix – those fun sized bags of M&Ms or Hershey’s chocolate would go perfect in a trail mix. Just add some pretzels, nuts, dried berries, whatever!
  3. Keep it in your purse – Ladies, this is something my mother has been doing for years! A fun sized snack on the go, you never know when you’ll need a pick me up. (Or when the kids are going to throw a hunger tantrum)
  4. Bring it to work – Probably the fastest way to make the candy disappear.
  5. Make Flavored Vodka  – Just drop candy in a Mason jar and fill with vodka. Let sit.

via Parenting Magazine

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