Quest Love Roots

Source: Jeff Fusco / Getty

Roots’ drummer Questlove visited Havana, Cuba earlier this year with a camera crew.

Directors Jauretsi and Daniel Petruzzi chronicled his trip and have turned his experience in to a mini-documentary titled ” Questlove DJ’s a club for fans, shops for vinyls, and listens to aspiring rappers on the streets.

The Roots are notoriously known for our stamina and traveling, we’ve been to all corners of the world,” he says. “We were doing between 210 and 260 shows a year. The place that meant the most to me to come to was Havana, Cuba… The night of the show, this whole block was packed. It was just wall-to-wall people, that meant the world to me. It’s more important than anything that cultural ideas get exchanged, to me that’s what keeps the culture alive.

Peep the full video below:

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