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Signs on the Southwest Freeway had some drivers looking crazy on Wednesday morning. Why? The speed limit said it was 20 MPH, which is crazy if you’ve EVER been on the Southwest Freeway.

The reason why the sign existed? A TxDOT error!

Nobody really adhered to the sign to go 20 MPH. For a few drivers, it brought up a cause for concern.

The signs are actually newly installed by TxDOT to inform and warn divers of lane closures as construction near the 59-610 interchange increases. However, the signs weren’t supposed to flash any speed limit messages. Thankfully the glitch has been corrected.

TxDOT spokesperson Danny Perez said, “We have new portable message boards as part of new 69/610 project smart work zone technology and they are malfunctioning. We are working to get it resolved.”

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