Source: Amir Diamond / Amir Diamond

It seems as if the world is speculating about what’s really up with Wendy.

  1. First, she does her show in a sling because of a sudden fractured shoulder.
  2. Then, she apologizes for slurring her words on camera and blames it on the pain killers.
  3. While on Winter Break, rumors swirl that her husband got another woman pregnant.
  4. T H E N she post-phones her return to her talk show to January 14, 2019.
  5. AND NOOOOOOW she’s delaying it AGAIN to January 21, 2019.

It’s lowkey too much to keep up with, but Wendy Watchers are demanding a full explanation. She dives into everybody else’s personal lives, so fans/haters feel as though she should keep that same energy when it comes to her business too! We’ll see what happens on MLK Day. I’ll be watching…with a snack. 😉 #HowImDoin?

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