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Eight years after Kim Kardashian and former NBA player Kris Humphries tied the knot in a two-hour TV special, Humphries is finally opening up about the marriage.

In an essay for The Players Tribune, the newly retired Humphries says that it bothered him that people thought his 72-day marriage to Kim was fake.

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“Look, I should have known what I was getting into,” Humphries wrote. “I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change. But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake.” Humphries said he remained quiet after the divorce because he felt like he couldn’t win against the tabloids: “You can’t go up against that machine.” “There’s definitely a lot about that world that is not entirely real,” he went on. “But our actual relationship was 100% real. When it was clear that it wasn’t working … what can I say? It sucked.”

He went on to add that he was in a super dark place for about a year after the couple split.

“It was brutal. I didn’t want to be Kris Humphries. It’s the craziest feeling in the world, not wanting to be yourself,” he wrote. “I dealt with a lot of anxiety, especially in crowds… I didn’t want to leave my home.” He says that he’s now accepted that the marriage will always be a part of his story. “I know that most people will always see me as That F****** Guy from TV. And I get it. I signed up for it. I don’t want any pity at all.”

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