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The last two minutes of the “This Is Us” Season 3 finale left me with so many questions. The main thing I wanted to know is “Where is Kate, Annie & Miguel?” Now, granted…Deja is missing too, but I highly doubt that she has ANYTHING to do with this twist. I firmly believe that Kate passed away. I think she died and the “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” and sidewalk chalk were little Jack’s favorite things to play with her when his mommy was live.

THEN…. I did some research and it jogged my memory that when THE BIG THREE were younger, they would play pin the tail on the donkey. That makes it make even more sense!! I also found out that the season finale of Season 2 is someway tied into the way the “THIS IS US” story will end. If you remember, it seemed like Tess was about to adopt a child and brought Randall along with her. I’m thinking the chalk and ‘Pin The Tail’ is to help welcome Tess’ child to the family and teach him about his late Aunt Kate.

Only time will tell if my theories ring true. BRING ON, SEASON FOUR!!! -Amir Diamond

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