Amir Diamond

Source: Amir Diamond / Radio One Houston

I had the worst nightmare about a girl named Hayley who had eczema, measles and visible holes on her skin. If she bites you, you automatically catch rabies. I asked the family “Why would she even bite someone in the first place?” As soon as Hayley heard the question, she chased me around the dining room table. Her older sister screamed “YOU CAN’T RUN FROM HER!!!! If you run, she gets more aggravated and will latch onto you with her nails. She’ll bite into your skin and her jaw muscles won’t be able to relax!”

My scary ass was still doing a light jog around that table, but at the same time… I DIDN’T WANT TO DIE, so I slowed down. Hayley eased into my direction with her arms extended like a zombie & foamy drool dripping from her mouth. She grabbed my arm and caved her nails into my skin, simultaneously pulsing over my index finger…WITH HER TEETH! Thank God she didn’t bite hard enough to catch any meat.

There’s no real ending to the story. Y’all know how dreams and nightmares work! I woke up after that. THE END.

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