The official video for Louis Tomlinson‘s “Two Of Us” is here!

When he initially released the song this past March, Tomlinson promoted as a heartfelt tribute to his late mother. The slow, melodic tempo and tender lyrics made the dedication feel honest and a proper tribute to those we’ve lost and loved.

Then, just a week after the song was released, Tomlinson’s younger sister Felicite passed away at the age of 18. It was a devastating loss for Tomlinson as he had to endure another layer of grief while promoting a powerful single about getting over the initial grief. It would have been more than understood if the former One Direction singer retreated from the spotlight in order to heal and process but Tomlinson is channeling his recent heartbreak into a release many can get behind and understand.

The black and white video for “Two Of Us” features the ex-One Direction member behind a piano, singing and opening up about his recent losses to the camera. As the guitars begin to swell, a full band joins him to further drive the point home. Watch the heartfelt and impactful video for “Two Of Us” up top.

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