The “Father of Asahd”, DJ Khaled, is apparently a GIANT diva. Who knew????

DJ Khaled’s most recent album, named of course “Father of Asahd”, debuted at No. 2 on the charts. That was apparently not acceptable for the hip hop king. He threw a “temper-tantrum” says a source, during a meeting with his record label. He blamed the record label for it not hitting no. 1.

Another source said, “He was furious. There was some nasty stuff said. Publicly, he’s all about ‘positivity,’ but there is a mean side to him that people don’t see . . . He overhyped the record and blew it up as his biggest album ever.” ……DJ Khaled over-hyping something? WHAT?! No! That doesn’t sound like him at all……

Honestly, this isn’t that surprising. I mean we all have seen his snapchats. He lives like a king and has people helping him with every step of his day. I’m pretty sure his chef even cuts his food up for him. Those kinds of things scream DIVA.

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