Taylor Swift went on BBC radio yesterday and got into the nitty gritty of how her and Katy Perry found forgiveness with each other.

Taylor said what first initiated them hashing things out was when Katy Perry sent her a “very nice note” and an ACTUAL olive branch. Literally. Katy Perry literally sent Taylor Swift an olive branch. That’s some rich people celebrity sh*t right there. No normal person would even know how to get their hands on an olive branch. Anyways, that’s what initiated them making up, and then they saw each other at a party and once they started talking they remembered how much they actual had in common.

They talked about possible making their new found friendship public in some sort of way but never decided on anything. Then, TSwift had the idea of her new “You Need To Calm Down” video and realized that would be the PERFECT place to announce to the world that they no longer hate each other.

Uh P.S. Katy Perry looked GORGEOUS in the new music video. I’m here for this friendship.

How Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Reconciled  was originally published on radionowindy.com

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