People are freaking out over Kendall Jenner holding a Coke can.

A couple days ago she was in New York City when she was seen holding a Coke can that perfectly matched her dress. Now people are saying that this was a publicity stunt for Coke, and Coke paid her to do this. If this is true then it would also be an FTC violation because she posted a picture of herself buying the coke on her Instagram without the caption mentioning that it was an ad. Instagram has made it illegal to do a paid and sponsored post without including “#ad” in the caption.

Fans were saying things like “she would never drink a full calorie coke” claiming it was all a ploy. Other fans were saying that it was a “genius marketing move” if that’s in fact what it was.

If you ask me, I don’t think so. I mean ever since I was 7 years old and I was wearing something cute or I was dressed up and I saw a lollipop, a drink, or anything that matched perfectly with what I was wearing you BET I was buying that.


here’s the post. what do you think?

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