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Not even 12 seconds into her and Social House‘s new video for “Boyfriend” does Ariana Grande declare herself “a motherf***kin’ train wreck.”

“I don’t wanna be too much,” she follows up as she’s navigating a very complicated relationship at a party. “I know we be so complicated/But we be so smitten, it’s crazy/I can’t have what I want, but neither can you,” she sings and Social House echoes her thoughts later.

“You ain’t my boyfriend,” Grande sings on the chorus. “And I ain’t your girlfriend/But you don’t want me to see nobody else/And I don’t want you to see nobody.”

The party goes all over the place as Grande and Social House do everything from lock eyes, flirt, get violent with the people who are quasi-flirting with them before eventually running off to a bathroom to make out. It is a LOT. Ari explained the record on Twitter saying, “People want to feel love but don’t want to define their relationship & have trouble fully committing or trusting or allowing themselves to fully love someone. Even tho they want to.”

“We wanted to make something uplifting that captures that feeling of being afraid to take that leap & trust, being afraid of being hurt or feeling like you won’t be enough for that person,” she continued. “But also how it feels to have a crippling crush on someone.”

Watch the video below.

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