Astroworld Festival -- Travis Scott

Source: Kevin Rawls / Radio One Houston

Travis Scott‘s next major move? A Netflix documentary.

The Houston rapper shared a vague image of him holding a group of VHS tapes with LOOK MOM I CAN FLY written on the spine and asked fans to meet him for a pop-up shop located on the city’s Northside.

In true blockbuster fashion, Scott took over a Movie Exchange and plastered his “LOOK MOM I CAN FLY” flyers, VHS boxes and more all over.

The documentary is set to relive the last year and change of Scott’s life from making the Astroworld album, the wild WIsh You Were Here tour, exclusive footage and most important (for some fans), a glimpse into Trav’s early days as a father with baby Stormi.

Fans not only lined up outside, they got a chance to get a free VHS box of the documentary as well as a tape, which may or MAY NOT actually contain the VHS. Why do we say that? Well, do you know anybody with a working VHS?

The leader of the Ragers himself showed up to not only sign autographs but also hang out with a few diehard fans who flocked to the Movie Exchange. Including some fans who actually got VHS players and candy to make it a real Blockbuster / Netflix and Chill kind of night!

Look Mom I Can Fly is reportedly hitting the streaming service on August 28th.

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