Yes, people are still fighting over who has the best Chicken Sandwich…Popeye’s or Chick-fil-A. I know, I thought we would have moved on by now too.

Now a local restaurant wants to put their name in the game! Killen’s Burgers in Pearland is offering free chicken sandwiches on Saturday…yes you read that right, FREE CHICKEN SANDWICHES.

They have been working on perfecting their chicken sandwich recipe for the past 4 months and they want you to try it out and THEN decide who wins the #ChickenSandwichWar.

There is a catch – one per customer, you must be present to enjoy AND you must purchase a food or drink item to get the sandwich. Killen’s Burgers will serve up 1,000 sandwiches on Saturday and customers can choose between their regular fried chicken sandwich or spicy Nashville hot chicken breast.


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