This is one way to take over a wedding.

A bride told her sister that she could wear anything she wanted to the wedding. Little did the bride know, her sister decided to wear a T-Rex costume.

Even better? The sister was her maid of honor!

Bride Deanna Adams told her bridesmaids they could wear whatever they felt was comfortable to her wedding. She wasn’t expecting her maid of honor Christina Meador to show up in the T-Rex costume. Of course, Christina posted a photo of the wedding ceremony on Facebook which went viral. The post was captioned, “When you’re maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose …. I regret nothing.”

Speaking to FEMAIL, Meador said it wasn’t a shock for her to dress as a dinosaur to her sister’s wedding. “About a year ago my big sister texted me asking if I would be her maid of honor. She, knowing that I’m not a big fan of wearing formal dresses and that I probably wouldn’t have a lot of money to buy something really nice, reassured me by letting me know that I could pick out any outfit that I choose. She added that she sent her sister a text about the costume just for a joke but she was totally okay with it.”


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