Joe found a few inspiring stories about people stepping up to help after Hurriance Dorian has affected many, click here for more

McKinzie picked a video about not settling for anything other than what you deserve, check out her video below

Liv picked out a story about a teacher who won millions in the lottery & is still going to teach so she can make a difference, click here for more

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PLEASE, print this out and stick it to your bathroom mirror today: “Someone cannot be ‘the one’ for me if they do not choose me”. Stop wasting time on unrequited love. Instead use that energy to find something real with someone who deserves it. If you ARE ready for something real in your love life, I have a program you cannot afford to ignore. It’s called “Attraction To Commitment”. I named it that because it’s about going way beyond attraction and learning the distinctions that make someone actually COMMIT. I've put a decade's worth of knowledge into this one program, and I truly believe it’s the most valuable and life changing online program I’ve ever created for anyone looking for a serious relationship. You can get access to the program here: (link in my bio) #MatthewHussey #AttractionToCommitment #ReadyForReal

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