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Sooo, last night I was watching “America’s Got Talent” when the very last person of the night hit the stage to audition…and made me tear up!~

THEN, I learned something even more awesome: He’s originally FROM INDY!

How cool is that?!

Drew Lynch is a stand-up comedian who developed a severe stutter 4 years ago following a softball injury. His girlfriend actually suggested that he pick up stand up comedy as a way to embrace his situation and she even picked up 3 jobs to support him as he pursued his dream.

But my recap does absolutely no justice to how touching this guys story is. It (as well as his talent) was SO impressive that judge Howie Mandel pressed the “Golden Buzzer”–which sends him straight through to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall!

Check out the video below:

Stuttering Comedian Won EVERYONE Over On “America’s Got Talent” Last Night! He Made Us Laugh, Made Us Cry, And Best Of All—HE’S FROM INDY!  was originally published on

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