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After the massive run of reboots, remakes and more happening, here’s one you can always be happy about – Lizzie McGuire and Hilary Duff is back to blonde!

Last month, Disney revealed that the Hilary Duff reboot was happening with Duff reprising her role as the ever-relatable character and judging by this first look, Lizzie and Hilary still have that style that stands the test of time.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be doing Lizzie’s color!” hairstylist Nikki Lee captioned a post on Instagram showing off Duff in full Lizzie character. “Well dreams do come true! Thank you @hilaryduff for trusting me to create the perfect blonde for the next chapter of Lizzie Mcguire!”

Lee added, “When creating Lizzie’s new blonde it was important to Hilary that it was different from what Lizzie had in the past, and also a little different from what Hilary would normally have. Lizzie’s next chapter Blonde is a burst of sunshine! Lighter throughout the ends and around the face, with some dimension throughout the top. I was able to achieve this blonde using Joico’s Blonde Life Lightener, and was able to lock in the color and keep her hair healthy by using In Common’s Mended Sea Treatment Enhancer for strength with the In Common Velvet Cloud Mask.”

Disney confirmed Lizzie McGuire last month at the D23 Expo. The new series is set to feature McGuire (Duff) living in the Big Apple where she’s engaged to a chef and is an apprentice to an interior designer.

“Finally being in my 30s, it felt like a good time to revisit her,” she told Vulture about returning to the role. “It’s a complicated stage. That’s what people loved about Lizzie so much—that phase of becoming a teenager. It’s such a complicated but fun part of time to navigate. She was everyone’s best friend. She was faced with every challenge that was relatable. Now, I think stepping into the role as a 30-year-old trying to navigate life is equally interesting.”

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