Jonas Brothers

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Just when you thought the Jonas Brothers couldn’t make 2019 any more great than they already have, they just did an NPR Tiny Desk. I love when artists do these because it really shows how talented artists are and you are able to learn a few fun facts about their music.

Watch HERE as they perform three songs from their new “Happiness Begins” Album, “Sucker”, “I Believe” and “Only Human”. While I was watching, there were three things that I noticed…two of those things are specifically about what Joe is wearing.

  1. The hair tie on his wrist. I’m assuming it’s from his wife Sophie and being the over-thinker that I am, I’ve already imagined him being an amazing husband and just always having it on his wrist in case she needs one because that’s the kind of guy he is!
  2. Did you see his sweatshirt?? It said “Lover” which also just happens to be the name of Taylor Swift’s new album aka his ex girlfriend
  3. I’m going to need an acoustic version of this entire album because “Sucker”, “Only Human” and “I Believe” could get any better.

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