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See it for the kids. If you don’t have kids, you will probably find yourself questioning why we needed a sequel to Maleficent in the first place. In my opinion, it was completely unnecessary. I also found myself questioning how this could possibly even be called a sequel to Maleficent if Angelina Jolie had little to do with the plot until the very end. Is there a mistress of evil in this movie? Yes, but it is definitely not Maleficent this time around.

Moving on to the end, this is not one of those stories where everyone lives happily ever after. This was a huge disappointment for me, to watch half the cast celebrate the end of a “war” and celebrate Maleficent as a hero in the story, but what kind of hero only saves some of their kingdom? She’s a magical fairy, she could have done so much more.

I will say, the cinematography and CGIs were incredible. The visuals in this movie were enough to make me keep watching, but overall, this is one I would say wait and watch it when it comes to cable.

Overall rating: C


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