Demi lovato

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When you are a public figure, you can’t do the types of things that the average person can get away with. According to Yahoo.Com, some of Demi Lovato’s nude pictures got leaked on Snapchat. I feel bad for her, but at the same time I don’t because she knew what she signed up for. If you don’t want to get caught, the best thing to do is to not have your face in the frame and/or no signature birthmarks/tattoos in the photo.

Shoot, I could even go a step further to say make sure you aren’t wearing clothing that you’ve been seen in before. AND ON TOP OF THAT… make sure there’s nothing in the background that people can identify you by either. It’s a lot of work to be lowkey, so if you can’t deal with it… just don’t take any nude photos at all. If the guy/girl is really interested in you… they will understand, Trust me!

Demi’s nude photo’s have since been deleted and there’s no word yet on whether there is an investigation happening.

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