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They did it! The Houston Astros are back in the World Series, kicking off Game 1 tonight in Houston against the Washington Nationals. Now if you are anything like me, I’m sure you probably like to enjoy a beer or two while watching baseball.

The Houston Chronicle has put together an unofficial drinking game to play while you watch! Here are the rules…

  1. ONE sip every time someone mentions the Astros World Series title from 2017
  2. ONE sip every time the camera shows Kate Upton
  3. THREE sips if Justin Verlander’s age is mentioned
  4. FIVE sips every time A.J. Hinch argues with an umpire
  5. FOUR sips any time Garrit Cole’s impending free agency is mentioned
  6. THREE sips any time Joe Buck says “Houston, we have a problem” (This one should be FIVE sips honestly)
  7. TWO sips every time they show Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa run to the top of the dugout
  8. ONE sip every time Garrit Cole notches a strikeout
  9.  FIVE SIPS whenever anyone mentions ex-Nationals star Bryce Harper
  10. ONE SIP every time someone “woos” while Josh Reddick is at bat

There’s more, but at this point I would already be drunk! See the full list HERE!


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