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Overall Rating: 6.5/10

I’m starting to wish Arnold Schwarzenegger never uttered those three famous words “I’ll be back” so long ago. He needs to stop coming back. In my opinion, Terminator: Dark Fate was the same story, different year. The plot was predictable and too familiar for a 2h 15m movie.

I will say, I am a fan of this new Lady Boss/Girls Rule The World trend I’ve been seeing in a lot of movies lately. It brought a sense of empowerment that you are capable of doing things and changing things you never dreamed would be possible. The future is indeed female, as the movie did a great job of portraying that  compassion to society now, that women have to work twice as hard to survive in the workplace, fight for equal pay, etc.

What I was not a fan of was how much of a softy they turned the Terminator into. This is a machine, he is not capable of having emotions.


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