Jay Z, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and more at the TIDAL Music Launch

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The rumors that Beyonce’s catalog was to be pulled from TIDAL due to a licensing deal have been addressed by a CEO at Sony Music Entertainment.

Sony Music’s CEO, Doug Morris confirmed in a statement to Billboard, that Beyonce’s tracks are safe, and added that the company has no plans on removing their catalog from the streaming service.

He also wished both Jay Z and TIDAL well in his statement.

Jay Z is a friend and business associate for many years,” he said in his statement. “I have always admired his business acumen, his entrepreneurship and his passion for music. All of our content, including Beyonce, is available through the Tidal service, and we have announced no plans to remove our catalog from Tidal. Like all of our other partners, we are rooting for Jay and Tidal to succeed.

News of the possible removal of Beyonce’s catalog started by an article in Bloomberg Business titled, “That’s Business, Man: Why Jay Z’s Tidal Is a Complete Disaster.”

Also Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group both confirmed that they had re-licensed their catalogs to TIDAL.

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