Jeezy Presents TM101: 10 Year Anniversary Concert

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Yeezy was dropping diamonds on Sunday Morning at Lakewood. Here’s the video (if you missed it) and 10 takeaways from his discussion with Pastor Joel Osteen.

  1. I know that God’s been calling me for a long time and the devil’s been distracting me for a long time.
  2. When I was in my lowest points… God was there with me and sending me visions and inspiring me.
  3. The Christians that were around were too beaten into submission by society to not speak up and profess the gospel to me because I was a superstar.
  4. The only superstar is Jesus.
  5. The moment let God flow through me as he speaks to us.
  6. The greatest artist that God has ever created is now working for Him.
  7. Christians are not going to be Christ… we are going to follow Christ, be Christ-like and repent for our sins. When you play basketball, you don’t point to the worst basketball player, you point to the best basketball player.
  8. We all have sinned; It’s another thing to just be selling drugs in the kids parking lot.
  9. Reinstate the fear and love of God and ELIMINATE the fear and love of everything else.
  10. There’s a lot of people in the Christian community who try to give Joel a hard time because when you turn on the radio… he keeps on showing you how good God is!

BONUS MOMENT: Kanye’s ending prayer.

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