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Johnny Depp is taking a rather unique approach to telling the life story of the King of Pop.

The actor is producing an upcoming musical, “For the Love of a Glove” from creator Julien Nitzberg. Nitzberg originally wanted to make a TV movie about the life and times of Jackson but found it too difficult to handle without mentioning all of the controversies that surrounded him.

The show will debut on January 25th in L.A. “For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson,” as told by his Glove is described as a “look into the strange forces that shaped Michael and the scandals that bedeviled his reputation,” with the glove serving as a singing narrator. A for effort and creativity…right!?!

The show will also feature puppet versions of the Jackson 5, Corey Feldman, Donny Osmond and Jackson’s beloved chimpanzee Bubbles.

YAY BUBBLES the chimp!!!

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