Suge Knight, Dr Dre and Ice Cube

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Ok so we all remember the incident that Suge Knight did back in January.

Suge Knight ran over Terry Carter on the set of the movie Straight Out Of Compton film shoot.

Well Suge Knight, Dr Dre and Ice Cube are now being sued for the wrongful death of Terry Carter.

The Family of Terry Carter is claiming that the 2 N.W.A rappers hired big time known gang member’s

for security for on set film shoots for Straight Out Of Compton Biopic.

One of the gang member’s started an altercation with Knight, which led knight to speed off the scene running over Carter. Once Police arrived Carter was pronounced dead on the scene.

also caught up in the lawsuit is the place where the incident took place called Tam’s Burger’s.

The Carter Family believe’s the burger joint should of hired Police due to all the violence that happens at Tam’s Burgers.

On May 29th Suge Knight was charged with murder and attempted murder, But now Suge’s lawyers moved to have his murder charge dropped.

Crazyyyyyyyyy that Knight has pleaded NOT GUILTY.

I swear every time I read a Suge Story it seems to just get more and more way out of whack.



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