UK Premiere of Yesterday

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Growing up, my brothers were HUGE fans of the Star Wars franchise so naturally I wanted nothing to do with it…UNTIL NOW.

If you’re a fan of Ed or even just a fan of Star Wars, then you know he appears in the movie as a storm trooper. Disney has just confirmed that Ed Sheeran also makes a second surprise cameo in the newest movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

Now before you run to the movie theater, unfortunately you won’t be able to spot his face because it was completely covered. For his second appearance, he was dressed up as an alien member of the Resistance (whatever that means!), essentially unrecognizable unless you’re a creep and know his exact body type.

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Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the world of film, he also stared in Yesterday, a movie based on songs written by the Beatles and had a cameo in Game of Thrones.

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