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One of the biggest names in music explains his special relationship with hip hop music and how it cured him.

Ed Sheeran (who is a huge hip hop head) admits that rapping helped him to finally stop stuttering. It’s no surprise that Hip Hop has also been the source of studies done about the genre as a definite cure for at least one other issue: depression.

According to Inquisitir.com, a neuroscientist at Cambridge University has set up a program called Hip Hop Psych. The program is assembled in the university’s psychiatry department, where the hip hop genre is used as treatment for mental illnesses, including depression.
The department landed on hip hop as the genre to use because unlike many other genres, hip hop has a large awareness of mental illness.
Professor Becky Inkster made a statement about the power of hip hop to the human mind.

It is rich in references to psychiatric illnesses that have not been properly explored and which could be of enormous benefit to patients.

The clever professor also admitted that her own history with hip hop played a part in choosing the genre for psychiatric treatment.

There is so much more to hip-hop than the public realizes. I grew up in the 90s during the golden era of hip-hop, when it exploded into mainstream culture.”

Ed Sheeran specifically named Eminem as his hip hop mentor in fixing his stuttering issues, which made him the source of teasing.

If you’ve never seen past Ed Sheeran performances, you can always could on him showing love to hip hop in his concerts. Recently an appearance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Sheeran performs his version of “Trap Queen” with the Roots

Read more about the study of Hip Hop and the story from the Inquisitir; click here.

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