The power of TikTok is real. See how K Camp‘s “Lottery” blew up off the Renegade dance? Well, the same thing can be said for Doja Cat and her awesome “Say So” single.

The official video arrived on Thursday with a vibe-ready ’70s Los Angeles world and Doja challenges a record player repairman to “keep it focused” as she owns the room sipping a fruit cocktail and more. Of course he gets distracted by her (because who WOULDN’T get distracted by Doja Cat.

Does Doja take a chance by attempting the popular TikTok dance to the song? She does! And then, she even gets to go out with her repairman beau in a Saturday Night Fever (Google it) type of deal before we get a glance at Haley Sharpe, the Alabama teen who created the viral “Say So” dance in a cameo appearance.

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