David Marvin Blake  AKA DJ Quik 

Pepsi Blue Carpet Bash

Source: C Flanigan / Getty

Will appear on tonight’s episode of  Tv-One’s ‘Unsung’, Quik has had a long career as not only a rapper but also a producer and musician, producing for many artists of many genres like:

50 Cent , Whitney Houston ,  Tupac , Snoop and many many more. His Production work is extensive!!

One of the best Artist/Producer of our time and mos def Unsung!

He had a chance to talk to the Boom Juice Crew this morning and you can catch the Dj Quik Unsung episode tonight on Tv-One.

click the link for show times:  http://tvone.tv/category/shows/unsung/

Here’s Dj Quik’s favorite song to perform:

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