Lil Wayne

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

So the buzz about Lil Wayne saying “I just signed a deal with my Idol Jay-Z” should have been more specific. We’ve all seen the video with Lil Wayne making us believe he signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, but he should have gone into detail on what he meant. News has surfaced by Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant that he has confirmed Wayne did in fact sign with Jay-Z but to his website TIDAL as an artist/co-owner. So there is no Roc Nation deal!

This Collab is still big for the ex Cash Money affiliate considering the beef with fellow boss Birdman.

Also, Wayne has added his next album will drop with TIDAL.

Someone cue the Welvin Drop for everyone thinking he signed to Roc Nation……Haaaaaa Got Emmmm!!


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