This is literally the REALEST post I have ever done, but it’s for a good reason.

The #DontJudgeChallenge has pretty much taken over social media, especially with teens. If you aren’t familiar, it’s “supposed to be” an anti-shaming effort, featuring people who post videos of an “ugly” version of themself (drawing on pimples, facial hair, uni-brows, putting black on their teeth, and sporting glasses and anything else considered “unattractive”) then they put their hand over the camera and when they remove it —Voila!—they’re “hot.”

I usually love taking part in social media trends and have even gotten a few messages asking me if I was going to do a #DontJudgeChallenge video. But honestly, I would rather use what voice I do have to change the message…because making fun of people with imperfections and insecurities seems pretty hypocritical to me.

So, I got REAL today and decided I wanted to do something about it.It’s time to change the message and make something POSITIVE go viral. I’ve created a NEW challenge and I would LOVE if you would share this video and take part by creating your own video for the #REALDontJudgeChallenge


Or, check it out below:)


Rachel SLAMS #DontJudgeChallenge! Says It’s Time To Start A POSITIVE Viral Video Challenge—The #REALDontJudgeChallenge! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!  was originally published on

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