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Your “rapper’s favorite” rapper spoke recently and explains future plans for himself and the Geto Boys.

Scarface‘s new album “Deeply Rooted” is scheduled for a September 4th release and in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the Houston legend talked about his illness before jumping on a Geto Boys tour.

I was really doing bad out on that road, man. Eating truck stop food. I put on like 10 pounds,the rapper explains.It’s just God’s way of telling me, and my body’s way, that I need to slow down and really get myself back together before I even consider going back on the road with the Geto Boys again.

Geto Boys member Willie D launched a Kickstarter campaign in June to raise funds for what would be the group’s eighth studio album, Habeas Corpus. The campaign ended Wednesday (July 15th) short of its $100,000 goal. Face discussed why a The Geto Boys reunion album will not be happening.

In all honestly, I don’t know if that’s what the fans actually wanted, I feel like if that’s what they wanted, then that’s what we’d be doing. If talks of doing another Geto Boys album reappears, and that’s what the people want, make no mistake about it, I’m down with the people,” Scarface says.

The H-town rapper says he’d rather be producing his sons’ album if that’s not what the fans want. “I got three boys that’s extremely talented,” he says. “I got three boys that’s probably better rappers than I’ll ever be.

Scarface acknowledges that Geto Boys had a good run and agrees with fans on not having a Geto Boys reunion.

Man, we had a hell of a time, bro. We had a great run. And every few years we should tour. But I don’t know if that reunion is ever gonna be. If the fans don’t wanna do that shit, then I don’t do it. I’m with the fans on this one.”

Read more about the future of Scarface and his new album, click here. 

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