Big Mello

Source: Bruce Allen / Bruce Allen

Born Curtis Donel Davis, better know known to his fans as Big Mello, Htown’s own graduated from Madison High School and attended TSU for music and broadcasting. He would become another one of the early pioneers that helped shape the Houston hiphop scene.

He would become known for his funked up classics such as “Playing Your Game”, “Wind Me Up”, and “Sucka Free”. He would weave a kaleidoscope of gritty street tales, while at the same time injecting a sense of humor. Mello, as many referred to him as, was known for his aggressive rhyme style and his stage skills that he perfected with Bone Hard Productions crew, which consisted of Harvey Luv, Sleepy, and Crazy C.

Big Mello

Source: Bruce Allen / Big Mello

Just as Mello was gearing up to release new music in 2002, on June 15th, Mello lost control of the car he was driving on South Loop West, and couldn’t regain control of it. Mello and his friend, Jerry Jett Jr., would not survive the accident.

Bone Hard Big Mello, gone but not forgotten. Salute and happy birthday to the Texas icon.

Remember Big Mello by bumping’ his classic 1994 cut, “wegonefunkwichomind”.

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