15. Le Petit Paris, Paris

Though finding sexy in Paris is pretty much a no brainer, Le Petit Paris offers a take on it that blows many of it’s competitors out of the water. Located in the Latin Quarter, its 20 rooms are arranged by era, running from the medieval rooms to the wildly decadent ones representing the swinging ’60s. Soaking baths and private terraces also help to keep the sexy going.

16. Mina A’Salam, Dubai

It’s Arabic design was meant to invoke the feel of old world Dubai. A tactic used to set it apart from hotels whose design schemes are sometimes refered to as “Vegas on crack”.  Hugging the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Mina A’Salam has a beautifully landscaped network of canals, bridges and cafes to help induce the feeling of seclusion.

17. The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

Voted one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, at the Oberoi Rajvilas in India, you’re just a concierge call away from an elephant ride or a private dinner in the pine forest overlooking the Himalayas. Even if you decide to play your trip low-key, with balcony views of the Taj Mahal from your room, everywhere you look there is magic.

18. Maison Moschino, Milan

This gorgeous Italian hotel is where high fashion meets fantasy. Rooms are booked by names like “Alice’s Room”, “Luxurious Attic” and “Little Red Riding Hood.” In “The Forest” room you can sleep in a bed whose four poster’s are made tree branches that stretch up to the ceiling.

19. Fleming House, Goldeneye

Located in Jamaica, this tropical getaway is for the active. Mountain biking, core training, yoga and bird watching are just a few of the things you can entertain you self with. When you book the Flemming suite (named after Author Ian Fleming who wrote all the James Bond novels while staying there) you are basically getting a private island unto yourself. You’ll have your own beach, pool, garden and staff in that large villa!

20. Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu

One of the great things about this Hawaiian destination is that it’s situated on five miles of beautiful undeveloped beaches. Here you can still get your sexy back even if you have your family in tow. One of the only places on the whole island where you can fine-dine on the beach, some of the other amenities include helicopter trips and sunset horseback rides on the sand.

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