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Nicki Minaj hit the stage twice on Sunday night for the 2014 American Music Awards, and she kept it classy!

Nicki’s been through quite a transformation since she broke onto the music scene. Gone are the Technicolor wigs and cartoonish outfits as she’s matured in her style on and off the stage. After getting over the initial shock of there just being no Beyoncé at the AMAs this year (ummm…whet?!), the highlight for us were really Nicki’s performances. Ms. Minaj did not disappoint!

She stunned for her “Bed of Lies” performance, where she donned a glamorous white gown as she rapped alongside a grand piano. I think this what one would call high-class hip-hop, and we were here for it.


Nicki’s performance followed a brief set by Lil Wayne and his rumored girlfriend Christina Milian. We’re sure his the mothers of his children weren’t happy about that, but never let it be said that C.Milli doesn’t know how to take advantage of her connections.

We don’t know what we loved more about the Young Money set the actual performance or the fact that Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross of “Black-ish” introduced it! And were you not living for Tracee’s look tonight? We were!

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For her second performance of the night, Nicki rocked a head full of curls and a fly gold mini-dress for “Bang Bang” with Jessie J and Ariana Grande. BTW did anyone else notice Jessie getting a little sexy with her new man Luke James? We can’t be mad at her for that! Back to Nicki, though, we’re glad to report that she didn’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions. Kudos to her seamstress.

It was also a big night for Iggy Azalea, who beat Drake and Eminem twice! Once for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album and once for Best Hip-Hop. Who could have seen that coming? We knew Drake and Em have to be somewhere steaming…or they could really care less because we noticed that neither one of them were actually at the AMAs tonight.

Is it possible that she got the awards simply for showing up? Hmm. We won’t begrudge the girl a win–especially after she was so roundly shut out at the 2014 VMAs.

She broke up her acceptance speeches with a mashup of “Fancy” and “Beg For It.” We’re fairly certain that she was paying tribute to girly parts everywhere with the sign on her podium. A cat with the word “power” underneath? We wonder what else she could have been referring to! This was definitely redemption for her dismal set at “Saturday Night Live” last month.

Iggy had to pull a number of costume changes as she also hit the stage with Jennifer Lopez to perform their hit “Booty.” Of course she was not going to upstage J.Lo’s derriere.


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