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Unfortunately, those ‘cool’ things you thought you did in the 90s weren’t so cool.  According to forevertwentysomethings.com, you were actually pretty basic! Don’t be ashamed we are all guilty of at least 1, well maybe at least 5 of these things.  Check out our top 5 oh-so-basic trends below:

1. You tried to wear a bandana as a shirt at least once. 

images (3)



2. You rocked your Baby G watch with pride.

images (4)



3. Whenever you played Spice Girls, you were always Baby Spice or Posh Spice.




4. Your mood ring always knew what kind of mood you were in.




5. You learned the dance to Britney’s “Crazy” from watching Darren’s Dance Grooves an endless amount of times.



Check out the full list at forevertwentysomethings.com,

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