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After years of waiting on new material from Nas, we learn about the release date for Lost Tapes 2.

In an interview with Drip, Mass Appeal Records creative director Sacha Jenkins and CEO Peter Bittenbender were asked about a project hip hop fans have been waiting on, Nas’ Lost Tapes 2. Bittenbender says that it will be released in 2016 after Nas’ final Def Jam album.

I love talking about it,” Bittenbender says, “because every time I talk about it, I feel like I’m helping bring it to life. Nas is working to deliver this next record to Def Jam, which will be his last [for them]. I haven’t been too involved in that, so I can’t tell you when it’s coming. Once that’s out, then Lost Tapes will follow shortly after. It’ll definitely be a 2016 release, hopefully earlier in the year than later. The music’s amazing. It carries on what he built with the first Lost Tapes. The fans are gonna love it.

Nas announced in 2010 that Lost Tapes 2 would be coming that year. He wrote an email to Def Jam demanding its release. He said in 2011 that the project was thwarted by the label and he needed to focus on a new album. The first Lost Tapes was released in 2002.

Nas confirmed last year that he had his last album under Def Jam completed. After fulfilling his contract with the label, he can release music under his Mass Appeal Records.


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