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Orlando Garcia

A documentary chronicling the life of Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill is being created.

The 4’2″ rapper is known for his size and his controversial lyrics. Bushwick Bill lost his right eye in an altercation with his girlfriend. The cover art for the Geto Boys’ 1991 album We Can’t Be Stopped shows him in the hospital recovering from his injury. The Geto Boys, made up of Bill, Scarface and Willie D, released their last album,The Foundation, in 2004.

Despite a life full of challenges, let downs and bad decisions, the diminutive Bill has managed to overcome the obstacles, sometimes with a wink and a smile,” the fundraising page says. “Bill is living proof that truth is undoubtedly stranger than fiction.  His story is outrageous, compelling, and often borders on the surreal, and it needs to be heard and shared.”

The filmmakers for Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy are utilizing Indiegogo, a crowd sourcing company, to help fund the movie. The campaign is seeking $50,000 to help pay for post-production costs. The page says the movie has been in the making for three years and is directed by Greg Roman.

Some of the rewards fans can choose from for contributing to the film include a variety of merchandise, a phone call from the rapper and a night trick-or-treating with Bill for Halloween 2016.

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