Today is National Do Something Nice Day 

Volunteers planting a tree together

Source: Blend Images – KidStock / Getty

The unofficial national holiday is a day similar to Random Acts of Kindness day.

It would be awesome if everyday was spent doing something nice for others or yourself, but with our busy daily lives its east to forget that kindness and being nice could not only improve someone else’s day but also your own.

Being Nice is contagious and here are just few things you can do today in case you’re out of ideas:

  1. Take A Parent Out to Lunch
  2. Donate Used clothing
  3. Pay for someone’s lunch behind you at a drive thru
  4. Smile at 10 Strangers
  5. Write a Thank You Note
  6. Plant a Tree
  7. Pamper yourself
  8. Let someone in front you in line
  9. Visit a Nursing Home
  10. Volunteer
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