The Houston Texans QB had a good game on Sunday. Fitzpatrick threw for 358 yards and six touchdowns for a 45-21 win over the Tennessee Titans.
During Fitzpatrick’s post game interview he brought out his sons and their friend. After introducing them, Fitzpatrick puts his one son “on the spot” as he tells Brady so that everyone can see how good he is with numbers.
Fitzpatrick tells one of the reporters, “Give Brady two numbers from 90-99. In there and he’s going to multiply them for you. Two ninety numbers…”
You see little Brady doing the math calculations in his head and when he gives the answer, you know that he’s one smart cookie.
Remember that Fitzpatrick is a graduate of Harvard college who majored in Economics. If that doesn’t impress you than maybe learning that Fitzpatrick is #1 on the Top 5 Smartest NFL players list. In the NFL, they have an IQ test called NFL’s Wonderlic intelligence test.

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