You can feel Halloween season in the air or maybe it’s just everywhere you turn you see the decorations on blast!  Whether you’re excited about Halloween or not the season is upon us and the hunt for the best or popular costumes is on!  Whether you will be attending parties, events, or trick or treating with the kids here are some of this years most popular Halloween costumes.



Source: Photo by Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/ / Getty

Be an NWA member: Dark Glasses, a Kings Cap with Jeans and sneakers should be easy to pull off!

Netlfix, Netflix and Chill

Source: Getty, / Getty

The NetFlix & Chill:  the popularity of this trending phrase has folks wearing a Red Netflix Shirt & a Bag of ice ( chill.. Get it )  lol  or just have your Boo on your arm to complete the costume.

Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair cover

Source: Annie Leibovitz / Vanity Fair

Call me Caityln:  although controversial its is expected to be one of the more popular costumes you’ll be seeing this year. Not for everyone obviously but neither is the next popular costume …

2012 Miss Universe Pageant

Source: David Becker / Getty

The Donald:  All you need is a suit and a bad comb over to complete this costume.

Cookie Lyons Empire Season One

Source: FOX Image Collection / Getty

Take these Cookies:  The popular Fox show Empire is inspiring a lot of ladies to dress as Cookie this year. A total excuse to go over the top with sophistication meets tacky.

Other popular costumes are Minions, Disney or Superhero costumes but whatever you choose, the point is to have fun and wild out .. why not?!

Happy Halloween

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