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N.W.A. lyricist MC Ren speaks on several topics including the accuracy of the film Straight Outta Compton.

The topic that has been greatly discussed since the film’s August release, MC Ren reveals that certain aspects of the film were thrown in for entertainment value, and later added that he’s content with his portrayal in the film.

Everybody talking about it and how accurate it is or whatever,” MC Ren said. “But you gotta realize a few things in there they threw in there just for the sake of entertainment…The ‘Bye Felicia’ and stuff like that. You know what I mean? It’s probably a few more things in there that they threw in. But the majority of it, it’s kinda—The key points are accurate…That’s what everybody say. They could’ve showed more of [me], but like I said, it’s hard to get everything in two and a half hours. Cause that movie could have easily been four hours…They got me in there enough. They got me in there to a point where they couldn’t have did it without showing me in the film. They had to have me in key parts, so I’m good with it, man.

Ren also spoke on the N.W.A. album efiL4zaggiN, and was asked if fans received the message from the album, given efiL4zaggiN’s more light-hearted songs, including “Automobile.” Ren stated that not only did fans get the message then, the message on the album is still relevant today given the recent acts of police brutality.

The stuff we was saying back then still happens to this day,” he said. “The police brutality and all of that. So, you gotta look at all the things happening everywhere. Like the stuff that happened in Ferguson or the stuff that happened with the lady in Texas that they killed. Stuff just happening all over the place with the police. They definitely got what we were saying…It’s still relevant.

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