Tupac Shakur In 'Gridlock'd'

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Tupac said “Thug Life” was dead to him in a letter that included a way out of the hood for the homies. That letter is now up for sale.

Tupac’s 5 page correspondence to a Death Row employee was written in 1995 while he was in jail. The letter includes deep thoughts about being ready to let someone else rep the thug life — which he famously had tatted on his torso.

“U must play the game, not let the game play u. A regular Playa plays women, a Boss Playa plays life. A Boss Playa is a thinker, a leader, a builder, a moneymaker, a souljah, a teacher and most of all, a Man! ” Tupac also said, “I want all my homiez to know there is another level.”

No word on how the letter was released to public and who will get this chunk of change off of Tupac but the letter is being sold by a site called Moments in Time, and we’re told the bidding starts at  $225,000.  Would you purchase this letter if you had the dough?!




Check out the Letter here: http://www.tmz.com/2015/10/05/tupac-shakur-letter-from-jail-thug-life-auction/#ixzz3oMsHgier

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