A former housekeep for Andre and Nicole Young is Suing for mistreatment while on the job.

Dr. Dre Portrait

Source: Al Pereira / Getty

Raquel Sagustume claims she was treated unfairly by two fellow housekeepers and also cheated out of vacation time, missed meals and not paid for overtime.

“Sagustume said 2 other female staff members were blood related cousins and felt threatened by her skill level and unfairly delegated their own work to her, causing her physical strain and injury,”

She says the stress landed her in the hospital for panic attacks, physical injuries due to the other housekeepers overworking her. She is suing the Young’s for failure to intervene and putting a stop to the mistreatment.

Looks like Dre’s Housekeepers have left him in a “Messy” situation.

No word from the Dr. Dre as of yet and we’ll keep you posted on this lawsuit.

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